TED Eskişehir College Private Anatolian High School


In its 6th anniversary, TED Eskişehir College Private Anatolian High School has become one of the leading high schools of Eskişehir in a short time with its powerful faculty, modern facilities and different education programs.
In TED Eskişehir College Private Anatolian High School, we are aiming to train global individuals who are;

  • self confident,
  • academically successful,
  • creative, entrepreneur and productive,
  • art lovers,
  • able to express their opinions levelly and who have modern worldview.

TED Eskişehir College Private Anatolian High School, with its foresighted education vision that ranges from nationality to universality, is taking firm steps forward its aim to raise enlightened generations who are avocationally high qualified and faithful to Ataturk's principles and revolutions. In accordance with these aims, in our high school's classrooms that are equipped with computers connected to the Internet and projection we give education of;

  • Wide array English language education spanning over 4 years,
  • German language education as a secondary foreign language,
  • 9 hours in a day and totally 45 hours in a week,
  • Etude classes for willers or students who are guided by the teachers,
  • Group or individual classes for YGS and LYS exams,
  • Pilot exams at intervals,
  • And liberal education classes as optional courses by the 11th grade.   

9th graders are registered to our high school based on their TEOG Exam scores.
For the students who apply for the school later on the 9th grade, a special student eliminating exam will be applied.


  • From 9th grade, students are able to get education for one semester or whole year in Canada Nova Scotia region without losing their progress in Turkey.
  • Students are also able to get university education in Canada without taking any exam with the program of "Post Graduate" after the 12th grade.


TED Eskişehir College, for the aim of raising its students as global citizens, started the International Vocational Program named BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) in 2015. The BTEC Program, which is recognized by 95% of the higher education foundations in England and by employers such as Shell, BAE Systems, PWC and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group which are recognized by more than 200 universities around the World including 100 universities that are scored as the World's best top 100 universities by The Times. Also, BTEC is recognized as equivalent to England's best accreditation foundation named Endexel while entering to university. The BTEC was started in our school with our 10th graders in 2015-2016 education year with the program of "Art and Design". Our students who complete this program, will be qualified to get the certificates that are in concordance with "European Qualifications Framework". The BTEC program is recognized by the universities of Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. The number of the BTEC programs in our middle school is also planned to be increased in the following years.


  • K12NET is a database which helps;
  • Review students’ education progress in detail,
  • Simultaneously follow their academic progress’ analysis,
  • Notice, complete and consolidation steps of the subjects that students lack easily,
  • Create appointment between student, teacher and parents which help support following up,
  • Access the latest news about students at anywhere and anytime.


This method carries our lessons to an online system as well. With this method;

  • Students are able to access visualised instructions and tests easily.
  • Students are able to deliver and interactively evaluate their Project assignments to teachers,
  • Students are able to exchange information through blog and online video lesson applications.


In TED Eskişehir Private Anatolian High School, students have the facilities of;;

  • A 3-D Technology Class in which they are shown the supportive materials for their studies,
  • Well-equipped laboratories which are used for Physics, Chemistry and Biology lessons,
  • Metin Sürel Culture and Art Centre which hosts many events including our high school students’ theatre shows,
  • Special study and club chambers,
  • And a multi-purpose social activities chamber. 

Our high school has a spacious atrium like our primary school as well and the width of closed areas are conspicuous. The campus of our high school is one of the most modern education facilities in our area with its wide green areas, basketball courts, tennis courts, astroturf, fitness and plates chambers, semi-olympic swimming pool and a sports centre which is suitable for holding official basketball and volleyball matches with its one thousand people capacity.

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