Psychological counseling services are provided with a developmental, protective and preventive approach that enables students to reach their potential at a higher level.
Studies are being carried out to support personality development such as compliance with rules, responsibility development, friendship relations, communication skills, anger control, etc.

  2. Keeping the developmental stages of students in mind the GCD aims to help students cope with difficulties before they turn into serious problems

    • Forms suitable for development levels
    • Test-inventory applications
    • Projective techniques
    • Systematic observation in-class and out-class

    Studies for students are carried out with a preventive and developmental guidance approach.

    a. Individual Counseling Services

    Students' personality traits, psycho-social development, talent, interests and academic development are taken into consideration. These services are based on the following considerations;

    • Especially attention is paid to the principle of confidentiality by showing sensitivity to the behavior, feelings, thoughts and attitudes of the students.
    • Studies aimed at supporting the students in the fields of personal goals, planning and managing time, motivation, attention and concentration, preparation for exams.
    • Students are assisted to raise their awareness level.
    • 7. and 8. In order to support the teog process, weekly question schedule and weekly question number are followed.
    • Other studies:


      • Effective communication skills
      • NOD32 study program
      • Effective working habits
      • Anger management
      • Healthy life and protection from addiction
      • Technology innovation
      • In classroom guidance-guidance sharing lessons

    b. Group Guidance Services

    Educational and vocational guidance and group guidance activities are organized for the individual and social development of the students. These activities are programmed, implemented, evaluated and developed in accordance with scientific standards in order to meet the developmental needs of the students.

    c. Vocational Counseling Services

    Depending on the developmental period and individual characteristics of the student, guidance and counseling services are provided to each student during the education process in order to get to know the professions, to get to know the profession and to determine the appropriate professional alternatives.

    • Individual Profile Interviews

      Individual parent interviews are held to monitor and evaluate the development of students. In addition to the interviews for the purpose of monitoring the student, interviews are also held to ensure cooperation with parents when there is a problem and when necessary.

    • Seminars For Parents

      Seminars are organized on the subjects needed considering the development characteristics of the students. (Attitudes of parents, characteristics and approaches of adolescence, etc.)
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