Guidance and Pyschological Counseling Unit aims to get to know students and introduce them with the unit. It also has the purpose to help students solve problems, make real decisions, improve their skills, adapt to their environment and as a result realise themselves.

Guidance and Pyschological Counseling Unit in High School

  • Monitors and assesses our students’ social, emotional, cognitive development
  • provides them with proper communication skills for self-expression and understanding others
  • Helps them develop positive sense of self
  • Motivates and contributes to their effort for the creation of unique value system believing their own inner  power
  • Maintains them with problem-solving abilities which can be used in all fields of life
  • Encourages them to use their own potential to increase their academic success
  • Helps them to get to know themselves in order to choose the right study field and professions.

Guidance and Pyschological Counseling Service is run under various headings. TED Eskisehir College Guidance and Pyschological Counseling Unit is serving in the following fields.

  2. Student-oriented studies are carried out with an understanding of preventive and developmental guidance.

    a. Individual Counselling Service

    This covers activities and services which are planned by paying regard to students' personal characteristics, pyschosocial developments, abilities, interests and academic developments.

    • Awareness is shown to students’ behaviours, feelings, thoughts and attitudes and principle of confidentiality is a must.
    • These are activities which aim to support students for personal goals, time management, motivation, attention and concentration and exam preparation.
    • Students receive help to raise their awareness level.

    b. Group Guidance Service

    With educational and professional guidance, counseling activities are held within groups for students' individual and social development. To fulfill students' developmental requirements, these activities are programmed, applied, assessed and improved in accordance with the scientific standards.

    c. Vocational Guidance Service

    Regarding the developmental period and personal characteristics of the students, guidance and pyschological counseling service is given to the students to help them opt for the right job for themselves and to prepare for the professional life.

    • Early Career

      It is a project that supports the orientation of the students in order to make high awareness and conscious choices while making their professional choices.

      Our students have the opportunity to make career planning by attending courses in the business environment or in the relevant departments of universities in which they are interested or thinking about electing in the future.It is aimed to increase their motivation by providing them with a pre-experience in the selection of the most important selection of their lives for our students, by enabling them to recognize and internalize their professions in all their dimensions, and make more conscious choices on the way to University.

      This study, which we believe to be useful with feedbacks from our students, is carried out by our 10th grade students in the second semester of every academic year. .

    • Career Development Studies

      It is the work of the students to recognize themselves, determine their strengths, recognize the professions and establish their professional goals during the planning process of personal career development.

      • Self Assessment Inventory
      • Scale Of Professional Maturity
      • Career Days
      • Interview With Leaders In The Social Field
      • University and Department promotion studies

    • University Preparation Studies

      These are the ongoing studies for the entrance examinations to the University in order to help our students to be able to read in higher education institutions after high school and achieve their professional goals.

      • Introduction of the exam,
      • Evaluation of student success developments,
      • Motivation meetings,
      • Implementation of exam applications,
      • Creating course study strategies for trial exams,
      • Attention and concentration studies,
      • Creating University and department preferences

    • Individual Parent Meetings

      Individual parent interviews are held to monitor and evaluate the development of students. In addition to the interviews for the purpose of monitoring the student, interviews are also held to ensure cooperation with parents when there is a problem and when necessary.

    • Parent Information Seminars

      Seminars are organized on the subjects needed considering the development characteristics of the students. (Attitudes of parents, characteristics and approaches of adolescence, etc.)
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