The guidance unit, which works in direct proportion with the vision of all TED schools throughout the country, aims to train happy and successful individuals; to ensure that the students are able to reach their own self-sufficient level in the direction of the situation in which they live in the center and support the students in all kinds of studies.
According to this the student;

  • He is aware of his strengths and weaknesses and of his own abilities and accepts himself with all His attributes,
  • Developed a sense of responsibility,
  • Demonstrate a conciliatory attitude towards a solution in the face of problems,
  • Have effective communication skills,
  • They are individuals who possess cultural and universal values and are sensitive to their environment.

Individual or group studies can be grouped under 3 main headings considering the developmental characteristics of age groups;

  2. Your children at TED Eskisehir College are valuable!
    Considering multiple Intelligence areas, children's skills in different areas are discovered.

    a. Individual Counseling Services
    • "Student recognition form"filled out by parents in order to identify newly admitted students",
    • Observation of students ' emotional, cognitive and physical development; observations to determine their interests and abilities,
    • Reflective tests and inventories that facilitate understanding the student's emotional life
    • Other tests applied when needed in accordance with the observations of our experts and teachers (agte, Peabody, a human draw test, developmental figures test, a family draw test)
    • 1.Metropolitan School readiness test with international validity applied to each student during the transition to the classroom

    b.Group Guidance Services

    Within the scope of the TED Center's standardization studies, "values education program" is implemented in all Ted schools.
    Target of this program;

    • As an individual who can communicate effectively,
    • To educate individuals who know and use the basic values, especially the values of companionship, philanthropy and responsibility.

    • Parent Talks

      Observation at the school, planned parent interviews are held to provide information about the inventory applied and the academic - social development of the student or to share the family's observations at home with guidance service. These interviews are conducted with the pre-school teacher. "Open communication channels between the school-family-student triangle is one of the most important elements in ensuring the student's change and development."his understanding is the basis of these negotiations.

    • Newsletters

      In parallel with the requirements of parents, information about the training seminars is researched and compiled and published on the PDR blog in the form of newsletters.

    • Parent Academy

      During the year, requests from parents, with the participation of expert guests on the issues identified by the guidance unit, information about the problems experienced during childhood and adolescence and development periods are made and suggestions are made for solutions.

    • Training Seminars

      Teachers who follow the latest methods, analysis and techniques in education, with the participation of all teacher staff at TED eskişehir College in various periods of the year, are able to realize their adaptation to the changing age, develop themselves and reflect this to their students.
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