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TED-Vitamin Online

The students of 35 TED Colleges in our country receive educational support outside the school using Ted - Vitamin Online Education in collaboration between the Turkish Education Association Headquarters and Sebit. 4th,5th,6th,7th and 8th grades students have the privilege of monitoring their successs through the examinations that are specially applied in TED Colleges and they can practise their homework, course review and exam preparations from anywhere in the world.

Vitamin Process Monitoring Exams and Evaluation of Learning Outcome Application

It is possible to make students learning permanent by using qualified assessment techniques from the right sources. Ted Eskisehir College students monitor their learning process with Vitamin Process Monitoring Exams and they make progress with Vitamin Online. Moreover, they monitor their learning skills on an international level with the Acquisition Evaluation Application Exams. This exam, which is applied at an international level, is prepared according to the same theory with PISA and TIMSS exams. It is an exam that aims to evaluate the skills and knowledge of the students by taking into consideration their cognitive processes.

K12 Student Information System

Ted Eskisehir College students follow up their progress about their school life and they communicate through K12 Net System. Our students follow up their own data such as exam-marks, pilot-test analysis, studies, assignments with the K12 net system and they focus only on their development by organizing their learning processes . K12 net system enables our parents to follow up their children's progress on the same issues as our students. K12 Net system school-parents -student cooperation is established at the highest level .

3D Technology Class

Ted Eskisehir College attaches great importance to educational technologies since its establishment. There are Information Technology Laboratory and 3D technology class in our school. The information technology class is available for our teachers and students in all courses. Our students have the the opportunity to watch 3D educational videos at all classes level in 3D technology class and they achieve permanent learning by applying interactive animations.

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