As a result of globalization, English has become the language of international trade and communication. In our World that is rapidly changing, it is expected from anyone works in any occupation to be able to be following the innovations in the area, powerful communicator, willing to teamwork, open to innovations and changing, problem solvers, critical thinker and creative individuals.
TED Schools Modern Language Education Program is structured for teaching students how to develop these skills.

K12 Curriculum and Standardization
Having communication technology literacy is a must for today's students to be powerful communicators and research the knowledge as well. Since almost all technical communications are in English and English has become a World language, teenagers should have this technological literacy in their lives and they also should be active in English skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing which are crucial to have in 21st century's life. TED Schools have an exclusive curriculum, which has been accepted by National Board of Education and Discipline in accordance with the ruling no 3553, to raise students as modern individuals. With this curriculum, a standardization is ensured in foreign language education among all TED Schools.

Learning Strategies
Learning strategies are the skills which students use to understand, recall, produce and manage their knowledge. Students are often given chance to speak, listen, write, read and watch for different purposes and with different people. Also it is provided for students to realize the strategies that they use to infer and deliver the meanings. For this reason, we don't only show and explain these language strategies to students; we give them chance to use, try and apply this strategies as well.

ESP - English Support Program
Each year in August, ESP exemption exam is applied and all students who fall behind a specific score take a two-week (50 hours) supporting program before schools are opened. Thus, our students complete their lacking and enter the new semester in a better condition before schools are opened.

Level System
In TED Eskişehir Private Anatolian High School, level system is applied right after 9th grade. According to the results of placement test which is applied by the TED Head Office in September, students proceed their education for one year in the same level. The students who have "Pass" score in Cambridge PET exam, have the chance of entering A-Level class but still entering the placement test is compulsory.

International Projects
The language program of TED Eskişehir College as a matter of vision, has the aim of training students who "adopt lifelong learning and self-development while being faithful to universal values". Thus, it gives big importance to international projects. Between the years of 2013 and 2015, it joined of program of "Comenius" lifelong learning and "Les Differences Nous Rapprochent" Project with England, France, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland and eventually it completed the Project with success.

Intenational Projects
TED Eskişehir College both hosts national language projects and supports them.

  • MEB-TED Project: TED hosts "2nd English Teachers Information Sharing" seminars which are arranged with the cooperation of Ministry of National Education and the TED teacher trainers give these seminars.
  • MUN - Model United Nations;It's a simulation in which high school and university students discuss the updated topics of United Nations and take the role of ambassadors of governmental and non-governmental organizations. TED Students join these programs in which they can perform cross-cultural interaction by using their foreign language abilities.

International Partnerships And Programs

Canada Nova Scotia
There has been an academic partnership between TED schools and the ones in Canada Nova Scotia region. Within the framework of this agreement, beginning from 2012-2013 academic year, students of TED are able to take education for a single term or a year and return to Turkey and continue their further education without a loss of an academic year. Moreover, they will be able to have the right to start their education in one of the Canadian universities without an exam. You can find detailed information in our home page.

BTEC Business and Technician Education Council
BTEC (Business Management and Technological Board of Education Competence Program) started with the program called "Fine Arts and Design" for our tenth grade students in 2015-2016 academic year. You can get the detailed information right from the BTEC tab in our home page.

Summer School Programs Abroad
We have summer school programs in England,the U.S.A and Malta to have our students practise and improve their English they have learnt throughout the year.

Our Aıms In Foreign Language Teaching

  • Teaching students the four skills to communicate effectively using English
  • Providing a lively classroom atmosphere to let students be active
  • Creating an opportunity to convey real pieces of information in a meaningful way
  • Teaching how to communicate with listeners with different purposes in various contexts
  • Teaching how to become an active listener
  • Instilling students  a love of reading
  • Helping them to gain effective study skills
  • Teaching them to cooperate when studying
  • Getting students to adopt useful studying habits and strategies
  • Enabling students to think over their own learning
  • Using various teaching and assessment strategies to infuse individual skills and learning styles
  • Accepting and  showing respect to our students’ language abilities, learning styles, interests in addition to improving them
  • Encouraging students to be a lifelong learners of English



Besides English, we start to teach German, which is the most spoken modern language, in the ninth grade in our high school.
Our aim to teach a second foreign language is:

  • Letting students have a constructive interest towards learning a new language, get closer to the cultures of different countries, expand their cross-cultural awareness and exchange ideas,
  • Arousing their interest and letting them take the pleasure of language learning,
  • Supporting creativity and helping students to gain self-confidence and critical thinking ability with the methods which allow them space and time for self-discovery ,
  • Instead of grammar oriented method, using communication based learning styles which improve problem solving and critical thinking abilities along with creativity and adaptability ,
  • Students improve the four skills in the target language in the middle school where communicative approach is used to teach the second foreign language:
  1. Listening Skill
    Understanding basic daily talks if they are slow and clearly uttered, following the classroom language and instructions, following the talks including limited number of words.

  2. Speaking Skill
    • Greetings with basic expressions
    • Introducing themselves and others
    • Expressing feelings and demands
    • Counting numbers
    • Talking about school or home briefly
    • Asking and answering basic questions
    • Giving information about the city they live in
    • Giving directions
    • Talking about interests, types of sports, animals, seasons, weather and traditions
    • Having debates on topics relevant to their levels

  3. Reading Skill
    • Reading basic sentences correctly regarding pronunciation and intonation
    • Understanding the main idea of a short text
    • Acquiring a fast pace of reading a text

  4. Writing Skill
    • writing short sentences and postcards correctly
    • filling in a basic form such as  hotel registration forms
    • making grammatically correct sentences about their thoughts
    • writing a basic paragraph based on an article they have listened
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