If you want to be successful in teaching a foreign language, you must know very well the characteristics of the age group of the students you are studying and you have to determine your language training program and your educational materials accordingly. If you look at the age groups of the students who cover the 5th and 8th classes and their age characteristics; we see that they entered the "abstract" perception period from the "concrete" perception period. Now that they can make analytical perception, they have begun to realize that "language" is an abstract system. The cognitive levels of this age group have improved and have increased in information about their mother tongue. Reading Writing their skills have developed and have started to show interest in real world affairs, awareness has risen to others and their views.

So what do we do for foreign language education in the light of all these scientific statements;

Intensive English Program
5th grade, we have an intensive English program where students with a critical age of 20 lessons per week and advanced cognitive levels are able to maximize the productivity of our students. Now that they have analytical thinking skills, they will learn the structural features of language. Now that literacy skills have improved, they will now be able to literally read and write in English, and now they will be able to speak English about world affairs because they are not interested in world affairs. That is, they will be able to learn and use these and all other skills of language learners intensively in the 5th grade.

K-12 Curriculum and Standardization
TED Schools have a foreign language curriculum based on the scientific basis, with the "TED Schools English Program pre-school and 1-12 Grades Curriculum" adopted by the Ministry of National Education's Board of Education's Decision No. 3553. With this curriculum, the basis of the foreign language program has been firmly established and "sustainability" has been achieved in the language learning experience according to the age of the students and the characteristics of the whole age group. Based on this curriculum, a common foreign language program is implemented in all TED schools and standardization of language education is provided.

PPP ( Presentation, Practise, Production)
English lessons are streamlined within a certain plan and following certain steps. The first step, Presentation , is the presentation of the target acquisition by the teacher. In the later stage, the Practice is the practice of the student with the different activities , and the final stage Production is the internalization of the foreign language and used by each student as speech and / or writing .

(ESA) Engage, Study, Activate
Each English lesson is original and the stages of these lessons include certain elements. TED Eskisehir College ESE approach consists of three elements in English classes. 'Engage' is the starting point for students to "draw in" and "provide" their information. "Study" is to "study" on any language skills to be learned. "Activate" is the stage of "producing" foreign language skills they have learned. At this stage, our students have been actively involved in the activities "Video presentations", "Powerpoint presentations", "Drama events" and "Role Play"

Nowadays communication is now done by telephone, e-mail, video conferencing, etc. In our 5th class, communication is done in a classic way with the pen-friend, as it was in the past (pen-friend). Thus, in the language they are learning reading and writing skills students develop in a traditional way, it is advancing communication skills, both thinking the thoughts of others and the difference is to arrive. From the 5th grade onwards, Reading Circle is applied to develop reading skills and vocabulary knowledge in English world classics and English literary texts, and presentations of these books are being read.

BTEC  Business and Technician Education Council
BTEC (Business and Technology Education Board Proficiency Programs) started with the "Award in Social Media" program for our 7th grade students in the 2015-2016 education and training period. You can find detailed information on our BTEC website.

8th grade classes, besides our own English curriculum, studies on Basic Education Secondary Education Transition Exam are being done. Moreover, these studies are also applied in the 6th and 7th grade classes because they are used only for question types, not for 8th grade students.

Cambridge English Language Assessment
Students are able to enter the Young Learners and Cesol exams , called "Flyers" in the 5th grade at the University of Cambridge Esol Examinations examination center, "KET" in the 6th grade, PET in the 7th and 8th grade, are rewarded with an international certificate. At least "Pass" grade TED Eskişehir College secondary school students who attended TED Eskişehir College Private Anatolian High School continue their language training in Kurdish.

English Teachers and Training
Three conditions are required for the training to take place. Class, student and teacher. Teaching English teachers at TED schools consist of experienced and distinguished English teachers who start with a written examination, followed by an oral interview, applied by the TED headquarters. English teachers who have passed an orientation program before the commencement of the mission also participate in vocational trainings online every year for the duration of their mandate in order to contribute to their professional development.

Native Speakers
Native English speakers who take English lessons at every level to ensure that students are in a naturally spoken English environment. In this way, our students improve the pronunciation and pronunciation of English more effectively and fluently.


"Our language is one of the most spoken German language schools in the world, starting from the 4th grade and reaching to the end of grade 2, when the European language criterion is determined until the end of the 8th grade". Our purpose in the second foreign language education is;

  • A constructive interest in learning a new language, convergence with other countries' cultures, increasing awareness among cultures and exchanging ideas with the environment,
  • The awakening of the interest of the student and the pleasure,
  • By supporting the creativity of the student, students gain confidence and critical thinking with content and methods that give space and time for their personal invention and discovery,
  • Instead of linguistic-focused methods, they develop passions by developing them in accordance with the level of competence they have acquired using communication-based learning styles that improve creativity, flexibility, problem-solving awareness and criticality,
  • 2. Students in the middle school programs that teach the communicative approach method of foreign language, improves the four skills in the target language: 

1-Hearing - Comprehension Skill 
Understand if the simple everyday conversations said slowly and clearly, the course to bring in-command, rather than understand, be able to follow conversations with a limited vocabulary.

2-Speaking Skills By
Establishing simple sentences, you can give information about the place and city where you live, such as greeting, introducing yourself and others, reporting wishes and feelings, counting numbers, communicating basic information about school and home life, asking and answering simple questions; to be able to talk about areas of interest, sports genres, animals, seasons, weather, traditions and customs, to make simple discussions on topics appropriate to their level 

Reading-Comprehension Ability To Read 
Simple phrases correctly in terms of sound and accent, to read simple texts and to understand them in general, to accelerate reading and to be able to make tempo 

4-Writing Skills 
Short simple sentences, correct writing of postcards, to fill simple forms, to write their oral expressions correctly in terms of grammatical knowledge, to write short texts appropriate to the level they listen to.

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