It is known by everyone that the Turkish Education Association attaches great importance to foreign language education. The reason for this and its source of power is to open 'foreign-language schools', the first item of the establishment missions of the Turkish Education Association.'

One of the founding missions is the fact that Ted schools are a leader in foreign language education-besides the establishment mission - which is followed by language education policies. What is this language education policies?

K-12 Curriculum and Standardization
Just as the foundation of a construction "Foundation" must be strong; TED schools are accepted by the Ministry of National Education board resolution 3553, "TED schools English Course pre-school and 1-12. The courses have a foreign language curriculum based on scientific basis with the curriculum. Based on this curriculum, a common foreign language program is implemented in all TED schools and standardization is provided in language education.

TED Publications
TED Schools transcending the boundaries of foreign language education crowned them with the book Crystal Kids and Robby's Days English lesson that they wrote based on their own curriculum and used the 1st grade in their primary language teaching program. It uses its own educational materials in the first grade, which constitutes the basic year of primary education.

(CEF)  Common European Framework
TED schools, which have their own language education curriculum, form the language curriculum according to the criteria of "European language teaching Joint Framework Program". Because "autonomy" teaches language based on references such as "taking responsibility" and "guiding", the question of why we can’t teach language anymore?" is also eliminated.

From the first grade, "voice education" is given as a basis for our students ' reading and writing in English.  Thanks to this sound education, students can better establish the connection between the pronunciation of "42 voices “and the written state.

Story-Based Learning
Starting from the second grade, it supports the teaching materials with the English story book and separates the Weekly course hours so that Word learning remains in a certain context and meaning. Apart from that, starting from the second grade, it gives students the habit of reading books in English.

Active Learning
It is essential that students take an active part in the course and actively reflect their language performance in both classroom and off-classroom activities. 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students participating in the annual "Spelling bee" event exhibit their language achievements in public.

Cambridge English Language Assessment
Our students are at the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations center. Our students are awarded with an international certificate of their English proficiency by taking Young Learners exams called "Starters " in 3rd class, and "movers" in 4th  class.

English Teachers and Training
3 requirements are required for the realization of the training. Class, student and teacher. TED schools consist of experienced and distinguished English teachers who have started their duties with a written exam and then an oral interview implemented by TED general center. English teachers who pass an "orientation" program before they start the job also participate in professional training, both in person and online, during their term of office, to contribute to their professional development.

Native Speakers
Native Speaker Teachers take English classes so that the students can be exposed to the daily spoken english starting from early ages.



"A language is a human being" based on the words, as well as English,  the most spoken modern language German starts from 4th grade and the students reach the level A2 determined by the European language criteria until the end of 8th grade in our school.  Our aim in the second foreign language education is;

  • The student has a constructive interest in learning a new language, the closer to the cultures of other countries, the increase in intercultural awareness, and the exchange of ideas with the environment.,
  • Awakening and enjoyment of the student's interest,
  • Gaining confidence and critical thinking skills through content and methods that support the creativity of the student and allow the student time and place for personal discovery and discovery.,
  • Use communication-based learning styles that enhance creativity, flexibility, problem-solving awareness and criticism instead of language-oriented methods to develop and implement skills appropriate to their level.
  • The student develops four skills in the target language in the secondary school program in which foreign language is taught through communicative approach.

1 - Ability To Hear And Understand  
To understand simple daily conversations when spoken slowly and clearly, to understand and carry out in-class commands, to follow conversations with limited vocabulary.

2- Ability To Speak 
To be able to write simple greeting sentences, to be able to introduce yourself and others, to be able to declare counting the number of wishes and feelings, to be able to transfer basic information about school and home life, to be able to ask and answer simple questions, to be able to give information about the city and the place of residence; interests, sports, animals, seasons, weather, customs and traditions to be able to talk about, to be able to make simple discussions about topics that are appropriate to their level

3- Reading Comprehension
Basit yapılı cümleleri ses ve vurgulama açısından doğru olarak okuyabilme, basit metinleri okuyup genel hatlarıyla anlayabilme, giderek hızlanan okuma temposu edinebilme

4- Yazma Becerisi 
To be able to read simple sentences correctly in terms of sound and accent, to be able to read simple texts and understand them in general, to be able to get a fast reading pace.

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