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In today's world, where information production has reached a level that cannot be taken under control, by measuring and evaluating of the student's learning and ensuring that new learning takes place in a healthy way constitutes the most basic objective of the Measurement and Evaluation Unit. For this purpose; It constitutes the exam system of the school and follows the developments of the students by using alternative measurement evaluation tools and methods.

The assessment and evaluation unit performs the tasks of preparing the measurement tools for the achievements and planning the implementation processes in order to determine the situations of the students in the applied programs. To this end, it co-ordinates the development of measurement tools with teachers, the analysis of the results, the level of achievement of the students, the determination of learning deficiencies, the provision of teacher and parental feedback.
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EXAMINATION SYSTEM The system that is created by the coordinator of the exam system unit is carried out by examinations which are formed in cooperation with the TED head office and teachers.



Core Skill Practice Exam (TBU):TBU Exam at TED school will be a measurement tool that targets class levels and four basic disciplines. The main purpose of the application is to determine the extent to which students have gained the skills they need to earn within the curriculum, and determine their competences in the basic disciplines and interdisciplinary fields. The results of the practice consisting of questions focused on the use of units / subjects and concepts in the curriculum as instruments, not objectives, will be used to see the status of students. As a result of the application, there will be no competition in which students are selected, ranked, compared to the average achieved by the schools.

Tracking Exams: Teaching is the exams applied at the end of each learning area, theme or unit within the process. With the screening exams, the determined deficiencies of the student are completed and the new learning forehead is passed. 


Access Exams:Examinations for the purpose of assessing the general situation of the students at the end of the semester.

Ölçme DeğerlendirmeTesting Exams:In addition to the exams mentioned above, test exams are applied according to the calendar created at the beginning of the academic year within the scope of secondary education transition and university preparatory studies. Secondary school 5-6-7th gradesand High School 9-10 and 11th grades. At the end of the first month, at least two and at least two test exams are given to our students in the 8th and 12th grades. Both the exams are implemented and evaluated at schools and general practice tests are applied created by TED head office. As a result of the pilot exams, development and completion studies for the learning process are planned. In addition to, the exam results are shared with the students and parents in the k12 net system.



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