Health Service

TED Eskişehir College health unit has been in service with the opening of our school and a doctor and a nurse are working in our unit.

Health Unit Objective

Health Unit Objective Providing health services to our students and our staff is to keep the health level of our students and staff low by minimizing the health problems that may occur in the school environment.

Healthcare Unit

  • All past health information of all our students starting at our school is collected in the personal health information form.
  • All of our students are informed by health screenings during the academic year.
  • Eskisehir health administration employs tetanus vaccination and is done in our health unit by the 8th grade dt + polio + mmr vaccinations in the first class coordinated with the right dermatology.
  • Personal health information forms are organized for all our personnel and periodical examinations are made.
  • It is aimed that all of our staff's health problems should be solved primarily in our school. For this purpose, our staff is given policlinic services and prescriptions by taking the authority of the workplace physician. In this way, the loss of labor is reduced to a minimum.
  • The examinations of our students who are ill at school are carried out on our unit. When necessary, they direct the necessary branches and transfer information to the parents.
  • All accidents coming to our school from our school are done in our unit.
  • Our school has an active role in the preparation of food lists for our school.
  • Health examinations are organized in our unit and health reports are issued for licenses of all students who will be active in sports activities.
  • As health education, education programs are planned for our students and working staff on issues such as oral and dental health, first aid education, healthy and balanced growth and development, substance abuse.
  • In our school where mass feeding is done, hygiene and environmental health are given utmost attention.
  • The staff engaged in food inspection and the water and food analysis are regularly carried out by the related foodservice company and controlled by our unit.
  • Health and hygiene control of our school canteen is carried out periodically.
  • Regularly, 5.6 classes are provided with annual adolescent education jointly with the guidance unit.

  Dr. İbrahim ERSÖZ


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