TED Eskişehir College, as 22nd affiliate of the Turkish Education Association's 89 tradition, was founded under the umbrella of Sürel Eğitim Hizmetleri inc. TED Eskisehir College said hello to the world of education in the first seven years of primary education with the group of 5 and 6 years in kindergarten on 8th of September 2008. TED Eskisehir College Private Primary School gave its first graduates at the end of 2009-2010 academic year. In the same year, the new facilities of our campus were completed. Our high school building and sports complex were opened with a ceremony attended by National Education Minister Nimet Çubukçu.

TED Schools

. In the seven years that we left behind, our school has achieved great success. Our school was selected as the best school in the region in 2009 by Eskisehir National Education Directorate. Our primary school was awarded the "White Flag" certificate issued to the schools with the highest cleaning standards by the Ministries of Health and National Education in 2010 and the same success was followed by our kindergarten in 2011. Our primary school was also registered as an "Eco-school" in 2011 thanks to its successful activities on environmentalism and was given the right to wave the "green flag" given by TÜRÇEV.


TED Eskisehir College introduced two new systems; "E-Agenda" and "Learning Management System", which are unique in Eskişehir and few in Turkey, increase communication with parents and students over the internet and provide academic support to students, were put into service. In 2012 some of the school's web services were also transferred onto mobile applications. With the opening of "3D Technology Class" in 2013, Eskişehir has experienced a new policy in education technology thanks to our school.

TED Eskişehir College invites not only its own teachers but also other teachers who are employed in Eskişehir for many in-service training programs. In addition, about 30 9th grade students who are studying in 10 different Anatolian and Science High Schools of Eskişehir and who are not able to study English at a good level, are receiving advanced English education at our school by covering all expenses of the ACCESS social responsibility project at TED Headquarters. Students enrolled in Anadolu University's educational cooperation protocol, which is valid from 2011-2012 academic year, can take lessons and participate in activities in specific departments and units of the university


In the past 7 years TED Eskişehir College made a name for itself with the projects such as ; "Veli Akademisi", "Erken Kariyer", "Sinan Alaağaç Liselerarası Futbol Turnuvası", "Damla Gelecek Su Projesi", "Çevre Afiş Yarışması","Kahramanlara Mektup Yarışması", "Veli ve Öğrenciler Yönelik Okuma Kültürü", "Liseler Arası Münazara Turnuvası", "Liseler Arası Matematik Yarışması" ve "Altın Çocuk Kısa Film Yarışması"

TED Eskişehir College, which has the most equipped sports facilities of Eskişehir, does not see education as a process that is done eight months a year. With summer school programs implemented for five years, TED Eskişehir College's all-inclusive courses have been providing sports and foreign language lessons in various branches in entertaining settings. In this way, not only its own students but also those who want to spend summer vacation have been enjoying their mental and physical activities and having fun.


. TED Eskisehir College is already getting in return for its innovative and courageous approach brought to the region in the field of education. Our students are proud of the achievements they have achieved in artistic, sporting and academic fields. At SBS and TEOG, our students have made individual and group achivements and made our school one of the most successful schools in our region. At the end of 2013-2014 academic year, TED Eskişehir College Private Anatolian High School gave its first graduates. Our students have made us proud of the achievements they have achieved in YGS and LYS. Can İnan, one of our former students, became the winner among the students in Eskişehir in TM-2 and TM-3 score types. Mesih Ramazan Avcı got the title of "champion" in Turkey Swimming Championship and Serkan Altınok got the 2nd place in the same competition. Our high school team came in 2nd in the competition "AB'yi Öğreniyorum" organized by European Union and Ministery of National Education.

TED Eskisehir College is proceeding confidently with the goal of raising bright generations with high quality and rich cultural equipment in terms of professionalism with a visionary education that extends from nationality to universality.

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