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A 'new' education (which is meaningful for children, allowing them to cope with life-threatening problems) is an effective way of educating people in the world and our country on the understanding that people of the 21st century cannot be educated through an educational approach, in which knowledge is more passively handled than students' minds. Because of this situation the need to create a curriculum has emerged and been employed in TED Schools. This program has been developed to support the mental, physical, social and emotional development of children and is supported by holistic, balanced and objective measurement and evaluation methods. In this carefully crafted educational setting that enhances the individual skills of pupils and ensures that their experiences in the classroom are reconciled with the realities of the outside world, children are provided with exploration and research. Thus, the development of self-esteem and self-confidence is supported in children. Starting with kindergarten and applied with a high sensitivity in all stages of education, this educational approach is based on the principle of having academic, ethical standards at the highest level, having a global perspective, critical thinking, knowledge in local and cultural issues, awareness of human values, respect for differences.


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